The Squeaking Tribe

Smelt of the Underwolde – Oddling Marionette (V.2)


While it is unusual for Underwolders to leave their metropolis and travel out-Mountain, this version of Smelt has done exactly that. Through recent (mis)adventures, he has found himself reluctantly ‘konskripted into servise’ for a fact-finding mission which has taken him far from the comforts of his warm apartment. Having spent all his life inside a mountain, his eyes are naturally disaffected for the light of the twin suns and so he has been availed the use of special goggles whose analog-Tek allows him to see more normally. Now if only the residue of his recent skrubbing would let his memories return…


The Land of Odd: A mystical experience in World-building!

Meet the Oddlings, a deliberate tribute to the humble Podlings developed by Brian Froud for “The Dark Crystal”. Normally a grassroots clan dressed generically in the umbers and ochres of the earth, our redeveloped Oddlings embrace a much wider palette of colour and textiles in their costuming and adopt a wide range of vibrant skin tones quite at odds with the earthy hues of their originators. Much of our collected jewellery and specialty off-cuts have found a home here, lending every one its own unique individuality. With just a few moments browsing, you will see the diversity of character distinct in each beautiful marionette and the world-building potential we are only beginning to cultivate.

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


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