The Squeaking Tribe

Muriel Muddflaps, an Oddling Marionette


Born and raised upon the waters of Oceania, Muriel has found herself in good company as the cabin girl for Admiral xxxxx, the seafaring Legend of the Six Seas. She is quick as a whip and a sassy protagonist which has earned her high standing amongst the burlier types who crew the biremes and triremes of the City Fleet. Her astute nature and clever wits has made her a trusted compatriot to the Admiral despite her limited age… perhaps the only one.

[“Muriel” – Celtic meaning: of the bright sea.]

The Land of Odd: A mystical experience in World-building!

Meet the Oddlings, a deliberate tribute to the humble Podlings developed by Brian Froud for “The Dark Crystal”. Normally a grassroots clan dressed generically in the umbers and ochres of the earth, our redeveloped Oddlings embrace a much wider palette of colour and textiles in their costuming and adopt a wide range of vibrant skin tones quite at odds with the earthy hues of their originators. Much of our collected jewellery and specialty off-cuts have found a home here, lending every one its own unique individuality. With just a few moments browsing, you will see the diversity of character distinct in each beautiful marionette and the world-building potential we are only beginning to cultivate.

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


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