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Mossie Mushroomhead



Like our cyclops, our Mushies come in a variety of differing interpretations, although their essence as magical little beings who very may well live at the bottom of the garden is an affecting whimsy we still hold on to. Whether they wear their mushrooms like coloured caps and hats or sprout them straight from their heads in fungal bouquets, they always make for a unique gift for anyone who enjoys a botanical daydream or two. Very Fun-guys, indeed!Doll-form approx 20cm tall or
as Marionettes 60cm hanging.


100% handcrafted puppets, marionettes and interactive effigies by Australia based artists, Sol and Sara.

Our marionettes are very easy to use, have excellent movement and can be used by absolutely anybody from the age of 3 up! Dance them to your music, tell stories from inside you, display them as art or just freak out your friends… Life is a little less vibrant without an interactive effigy to share it!

The hundreds of marionettes we make are individually created so no two are ever the same. If you’d like a specific colour/theme in the ranges we offer, feel free to ask – we will customise it for you! Otherwise, if there is a design you want that we haven’t made yet, contact us with some ideas and support material and we will create one specifically for you.

For more of an idea about us and what we do (and where we’ll be!), make sure to find us on Facebook… “The Squeaking Tribe Workshop” page, or come check out our photo journals on Instagram. 😁

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Sol & Sara


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