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Frank the Rabbit – Classic “Donnie Darko” Horror Marionette Puppet


Frank the Rabbit is the sociopathic alter-ego of Donnie Darko, the main protagonist of Richard Kelly's 2001 movie of the same name. Starring a young Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role and co-starring his real-life sister, Maggie, as his on-screen counterpart, the film proved an incredible success for independent cinema and helped promote a new renaissance for intelligent movie-goers. With its mind-bending blend of sci-fi and horror tropes, plus an effective use of scene and score embracing the 80s aesthetic, it's not unusual the film endures as a cult favourite for cinephiles and regular viewers alike. Frank himself remains an iconic and unsettling creature of modern nightmare which should suit any lover of film and aficionado of the perverse. A classic!

Halloween Horror Show: Frightening can be fun!

It’s no surprise that many people find marionettes creepy or scary, no matter how cute you try to make them. And so it is with no small relish that I find myself indulging the darker side of story and my own fascination with the macabre in creating a range of puppets to celebrate the shadows and the sinister. Here, horror icons from the silver screen rub shoulders with other things of nightmare in a grand monster mash of ghoulish celebration. Enter if you dare – here there be monsters!

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


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