The Squeaking Tribe

Sylvania – Purple-fur Mushroomhead Marionette



Like our cyclops, our Mushies come in a variety of differing interpretations, although their essence as magical little beings who very may well live at the bottom of the garden is an affecting whimsy we still hold on to. Whether they wear their mushrooms like coloured caps and hats or sprout them straight from their heads in fungal bouquets, they always make for a unique gift for anyone who enjoys a botanical daydream or two. Very Fun-guys, indeed!

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.

Fantasy: All things Magical and Mystical!

I’ve always found myself inspired by the mythic world-building of fantasy and the millions of creatures and characters dreamt into being to populate these imagined spaces. An intimate escape from the everyday routines of mundanity, fantasy is a door into something out-of-this-world where history and mythology collide to create brave, new Worlds of discovery. For anyone who has shared a love for the otherworldly, the fantastic and the fey, you are welcome to wander here a while among our own fabulous friends and fictions. Never stop dreaming!


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