The Squeaking Tribe

Chugg – Red Caveman Marionette


Cavemen – The Caveman, in all his early guises of primitive Man, is a fun (if unsophisticated) character celebrated in enough comic books and cartoon television shows as to become a whole iconic archetype all his own. His curious, albeit simplistic, understanding of the world around him is indicative of a young child’s early discoveries of the same. Don’t confuse him for a numbskull however; he has always had the reputation of firebrand, one to raise a heavy wooden club first and ask his questions later.

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


Squeaky Classics: Original designs for all ages from our early roots til now!

The first puppet I ever made in our standard 6-string design was a little Mummy marionette, a simple bandaged affair which utilised the weight of the clay pieces and the meagre costuming to create a proper functioning prototype which remains the core design behind most of our work to date. By working with some basic archetypes and alternating through gender, age and cultural influences, I developed a classic range of differing characters which are a continuing part of the Squeaking Tribe canon today. As familiar as these characters are to me now, I keep the joy alive by incorporating more details and personal quirks than I did in the past, so each one still retains its own unique identity. For the budget-minded, these are a good starting point to gauge your interest without betting the farm. A perfect launch-pad for the young ones, too!


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