The Squeaking Tribe

Beetlejuice Marionette



Tim Burton’s beloved otherworldly scamp, Beetlejuice, is still a horror-comedy hallmark ever since first ‘gracing’ the big screen all the way back in 1988. Iconically embodied by the actor, Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice was a freelance ‘bio-exorcist’ who worked chasing humans from the homes for some arbitrary (but infernal) payment. He was also a troublesome pervert whose meddling often led to wild scenes of comedic hilarity. Rotten round the edges (and no doubt to the core), Beetlejuice, in his signature black-and-white striped suit, is a stand-out addition to the characterisations we embrace from popular culture. Say his name three times – you may find out what we mean!


Pop Culture: Fan favourites and familiar faces with a Squeaky twist!

Although it’s wonderful to see people embrace our personal designs, the fact that there are so, so many incredible characters already existent in the world isn’t something we can ignore. Identities from the entertainment industry have joined the ranks of classic storybook icons and the melting-pot that is Culture today has never seemed so dynamic and varied. Much of the work displayed here has eventuated from an old custom request which found immediate favour with a wider audience and so become a part of the Squeaking Tribe’s ongoing range. Our interpretation of them comes from a space of respect and quiet awe, a tribute to the visionaries who dreamt them into being. While the original idea may not be ours, we labour to bring a little of our own personal flourishes to the design to make the puppet an individual all its own.

Doll-form approx 25cm tall or
as Marionettes 60cm hanging.


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