The Squeaking Tribe

Emeranthus, the Forest Dragon – Elemental Dragon Marionette


Emeranthus, the Forest Dragon, has manifested his powers from the Olde Lore magick of the Deep Woods, forming a kinship with the forest creatures who dwell within and protecting their interests first and foremost against people who would seek to destroy the forest to fuel their own expansionistic self-interest. He employs an astonishing form of camouflage, being able to blend flawlessly into the canopy and its surround despite his enormous size. At heart, he is a gentle beast – as gentle as the trees, in fact – but the cities and their suburbs are encroaching on everything he holds dear and it may not be long before his duty to the Forest and those which call it home will inspire in him a furious desire to rectify the imbalance and remind humankind of their proper place in Nature…
Elemental Dragons
Everyone everywhere is familiar with the concept of dragons, the mighty flying reptiles breathing fire and wreaking havoc in tales of legend and fantasy all over the world. Throughout history, human cultures have developed stories of their awesome strength and abilities and these in turn have been depicted visually by more artists and imagineers than anyone could count.
My early forays into developing dragons in marionette form were long and complicated and required an attention to detail that challenged my humbler talents back then. Time and experience, of course, are our greatest educators and it doesn't hurt to have an innovative partner to help break through old limitations. Sara developed her own range of smaller beasties which are beautiful and accessible to all but the Elemental Dragons represent a return to the larger, articulated experiments of my early designs and represent our shared talents in a way which is truly inspiring.
The process of creation is still laborious but entails so many varying ideas and components, the journey remains a wholly exciting and satisfying experience. From pattern-making to soft sculpture, texturing, air-brushing, hand painting and skeletal design before ultimate assembly and costuming, there are many opportunities to deviate our ideas into new solutions. In embracing this, we have chosen a loose concept of naturally-occurring elements to steer our minds and guide our brushes, and the results speak for themselves.
Working from appropriate colour palettes, the nature of the elements are explored through the physical and spiritual manifestations as they have occurred and been understood by world cultures – be they Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood or Metal. And interestingly, all these elements are represented in everything we do relating to puppet-making, whether its working with clay (earth and water), kiln-firing the clay (fire), sculpting body forms (wood and metal) or breathing the final Breath of Life into each of them (air, of course).
 It is these little synchronicities which have kept us making marionettes for over a quarter of a century. And sharing them with you, of course.

Measurements for our Dragons are approximations only. Dimensions are taken when dragon is sitting upright in a resting position.
Overall height is 83cm from foot to crosspiece. Dragon body is 35cm tall, 20cm wide and 50cm long. Nose to tail measures up to 90cm.


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