The Squeaking Tribe

Plague Doctor – marionette puppet


From the ashes of medieval Europe and the Black Plague, the Plague Doctor is an iconic character again with the resurgence of Steampunk and other subcultures. Dressed in drab robes, his long-beaked mask would once have held a variety of different herbs and scents to filter out the odours of rotting dead which people at the time believed was condusive to the spread of disease. Now, the mask makes for a strange and unsettling feature for a character who to many has become another personification of Death and mortality. Personally, we just think they’re really cool! Cultural Creations: History and Mythology collide in the Crucible of World Culture! From the Dawn of Time, humankind has strived to understand its place in the Universe through story, philosophy, language, technology and the Arts. Through the eras, every civilisation, big or small, has developed tools to understand the world around them and from their recorded Lore have we found a seemingly endless wellspring of inspiration with which to hone our skills in textiles and costuming. The multi-faceted pageantry of our ancestral roots is celebrated here! Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


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