The Squeaking Tribe

Rudy P. Katerwaul III – Stand-up Kitty Comedian Marionette


Rudy P. – The crown prince of kitty-cat comedy! His legacy began in the early 90’s after a brief stint as Kramer’s hyper-allergenic cat on Seinfeld. Since then he’s courted onstage success and disaster as a standup comedian in his own right. He hit rock bottom in the late ‘noughties, physically and artistically ruined be a long-running war with catnip addiction only to drag himself up from obscurity to regain contemporary notoriety for his online web series “So I lick myself,so what!”. Tho still perpetually vilified by America women’s groups for his relentless monologues centred around pussy jokes, he remains undoubtedly one of the worlds few great feline performers. Plus he’s purple!

Marionette in doll form is approximately 42cm in height or 87cm when strung.

Contemporary Classics

Modern-day misfits and counter-culture creations!
The world around us is often as strange and marvellous as anything dreamt of in the imagination. Born from the heads and hearts of preceding generations, today’s urban landscape is a many-coloured tapestry of contemporary tribes and subcultures celebrating individual expression through music, art and fashion – the perfect inspiration for marionette designs with a distinctive near-future flare. Our world can be a festival and here is the proof!


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