The Squeaking Tribe

Prince Sassafras – Little Prince fantasy Marionette


“The Little Prince” by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Poe Boys – While our own ideas for puppet designs are a continually evolving and seemingly-bottomless list, the many bespoke orders we receive from other people can also take us off on creative tangents we might otherwise not have entertained. And such is the case with our new marionette range we’ve simply dubbed “Little Poes”.

Over COVID, we were approached by an American collector with a passion for a series of paintings depicting a young Edgar Allen Poe as a moon-eyed boy in grey shorts, , red cravat and of course a raven upon his shoulder. and of course, a raven upon his shoulder. The images were both melancholic and beautiful and with just a few tweaks in the claywork, we had a charming 3-d version of him to offer. The variations that could be made utilising similar pieces, however, was an inspiring new diversion for us and so we introduce to you the first unique offspring of this initial order.

Maintaining the whimsy and playfulness of the original character, these round-faced children suggest a variety of shifting cultures through simple costuming and subtle details which allow the emotional nature and curiosity of each design to shine its own light on the world. Perhaps more accessible to the general public than some of our more fantastic designs, these cute little ragamuffins will no doubt find universal appeal wherever they may play. these cute little ragamuffins will no doubt find universal appeal wherever they may play.

Contemporary Classics: Modern-day misfits and counter-culture creations!

The world around us is often as strange and marvellous as anything dreamt of in the imagination. Born from the heads and hearts of preceding generations, today’s urban landscape is a many-coloured tapestry of contemporary tribes and subcultures celebrating individual expression through music, art and fashion – the perfect inspiration for marionette designs with a distinctive near-future flare. Our world can be a festival and here is the proof!

Marionette in doll form is approximately 25cm in height or 60cm when strung.


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