The Squeaking Tribe

Customised / Bespoke Marionettes

Over our many years of puppet-making, we have created customised puppets based on ideas or images provided to us by others. As the years go by, this is becoming the case as people discover in puppetry a new format for their interests.
Whether it’s an interpretation of a classic character from folklore or a modern-day comic book superhero or a zombified version of a Disney princess. We embrace every new challenge with the skill and enthusiasm people have come to expect, resulting in a unique gift item that inspires and entertains!
Once upon a time, the individual details and demands for specificity meant we could only apply the offer of a customised marionette to our larger, articulated designs which had a starting price of $250AUD.
Over time, the challenge to work in finer detail with a smaller and more-affordable design has seen us riding a new wave of puppet-making potential which is satisfying, innovative, artistic and accessible to a wider audience.
Regardless of the details of a design – be it biped, quadruped or omniped – we have a reliable system by which we can give you an affordable quote on a 6+ string marionette made to your specifications and limited only by your own creativity!
Our regular 6-string designs start for as little as $135AUD  and will cost you no more than $250 AUD plus postage, depending on the amount of time and work involved in perfecting the design. More information on this can be supplied on request.
All we need before starting are a few good photos or images of the subject plus a list of details which would help to characterise the puppet, such as eye colour, hair colour, clothing trends, facial piercings, relevant props, etc. The more details you give us, the closer our chances of getting your little friend right
Please keep in mind that by utilising the ceramic element for counter-balances (head, hands and feet) the whole process from beginning to end can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, so if there are any time restrictions on the order, please don’t hesitate to let us know.